The Daily Haiku – ❤❤❤600th Theme❤REMEMBRANCE/Smoke

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On this day, at the appointed hour we will
remember them all - fatalities in all wars
and conflicts, they died for us.

©🦊VixenOf Verse, 2021

*I remember:❤❤❤❤❤

1. My great uncle, Pte. Gordon Crick died in the Battle of Ypes, 1915 WW1

From Northern Ireland Greenfinches (female soldiers):

2. F/Pte Eva Martin, 6UDR, killed 02/05/1974.

3. F/L/Cpl G Jean B Leggit, 2UDR 06/04/1976.

4. F/Pte Margaret Hearst 2UDR 08/07/1977 - murdered by 3 teenage boys who were members of the IRA who shot her dead in front of her 3 year old daughter, Crystal Hearst.

5. F/Cpl Heather Kerrigan
6UDR 14/07/1984.

6. Capt John Truckle 61, A Coy 11 UDR CGC - murdered by a bomb attached to his car by the IRA, 1983*
The Ulster Defence Regt CGC