The Daily Haiku🌿 – 641st Theme, The New Year/TWISTED

#TheDailyHaiku, #Senryu

twisted sister and
estranged son, dead son, solar storm coming

could interfere with
power and GPS, Omicron rising too fast

France have discovered
a new variant in Marsaille - Macron worried

Mud slides sweep the jade
miners into a lake, all feared dead in China

Putin threatens to
reduce the west to radioactive ash!

The Taliban have
no plans to allow women
into their society

In Afghanistan
people are facing hunger
same in the Yemen

here we wait to get
Covid as we celebrate
Christmas - more restrictions

promised soon, Boris
is dithering meanwhile I
stay home with the cats

I try to think thoughts
of gratitude and positivity - it's hard

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021
©Solar flares/Mail Online