Free Verse (4) 🦅 – Pandemicitus


I have pandemicitus, do you know it?
It means I don't want to go out at all.
Only for essential trips but if I can do it
Online I will, in a heartbeat.

I have been double-jabbed with Astra Zeneca.
Now I have had a Pfizer booster too.
I wear masks inside shops and on public transport.
In taxis too, which I prefer to buses.

Now I have 2 boxes of LFT's so I can test
Before I go to anyone's house.
It makes me feel safer even if I'm not!
Maybe, just maybe, this new year will improve?

We are told we have to live with 'it'.
So let's summon our Dunkirk spirit.
Keep calm and just carry on, carrying on.
It might be alright by Christmas 2022?

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021
©DiverseCrowdWearingMasks/Creative Market