The Daily Haiku -🌹 85th Weekly Theme, Thank you 3.

#TheDailyHaiku, #Senryu

Thank you for sleeping
cats who bring peace to my life,
music makes me calm...

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2022.
©A radiator is so warm/RioSleeping/Carolyn Crossley
©MissMolly snuggled up on her cat tree/Carolyn Crossley

**For all the cat lovers on TDH. I find when my cats are asleep I feel at one with the world. They are fed and have been out, Miss Molly spends more time outside with her beau, Sooty (our all black visiting cat.) than Rio who is much older. They both like a sleep in the afternoon that lasts from 2pm to 5pm. I get Alexa to play gentle classical music and this is one of my creative writing periods. 🙂❤❌in my world, for the moment, all is well. ❤🙂❌**