Free Verse (8) 🦅- Survivors



Some men use violence
to control the women in
their lives; they assault and rape to gain control. They gaslight their victims until they are isolated and have had the spirit beaten out of them.

They disempower them
with a deluge of evil
slurs and words that
cut to the heart. Bad
wife, unfit mother,
friendless, alone,
they keep them in
poverty - defeated.

They abuse with sex,
take away choice, grind
them down, try to make
them lose their minds
so they can keep their
women away from their
children that they

They are warrior women
who rise up time and
time again, they regain
their feminine power,
their inner strength.
They overcome, they
empower themselves and
they rise up, they rise

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2022.