Free Verse (9)🦅 – Prayer for the Ukraine and Russia


I pray for peace
to come swiftly
for all the innocent Ukranian people.
I pray for all the
ordinary Russian
protesters who bravely
came out in 50 cities
to protest the war.
I pray especially for
Vladimir Putin, who is
taking us into a third
world war, whose name
will be forever
vilified if he does
not pause, and think.
Only he has the power
to stop this madness.
Who invades another
country when we are
still in a pandemic?

I pray that history does not repeat itself. I weave this prayer with hopeful and uplifting strands of light energy and send it out into the world to the Ukraine and Russia.

Blessed Be,
Blessed Be,
Blessed Be.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2022.