NaPoWriMo🎙📚21/04/22 Day 21



from the poet Betsy Sholl. This prompt asks you to write a poem in which you first recall someone you used to know closely but are no longer in touch with, then a job you used to have but no longer do, and then a piece of art that you saw once and that has stuck with you over time. Finally, close the poem with an unanswerable question. Happy Writing! – Maureen Thorson


Not sure about this one, as I think you would have to use an overarching theme to make it flow.🤔🤔 I have chosen un-rhymed quintains as the poetry form. 🙂❤🌷❤



You weren't very tall, but you made jokes about that and everything else.
I was looking forward to getting to know you better, because you made me laugh.
Now I know what I didn't know then, making people laugh is a gift.
You were shot through the head in Strabane in Northern Ireland.
In 1974 only 19 years old, a life cut short due to war.

For just over four years I too, wore the uniform of the British Army.
An invitation to the IRA to blow me up or shoot me, they tried.
Shot at on patrol in Newry, a Welsh Guardsman and I shared the cover
of a shop doorway, calling in a contact
report, female non-combatants.
Considered fair game for killing, we lost four of our number, mothers, too.

Years later I visited the Prada Museum in Madrid and saw many pictures
of Veláquez's historical Spanish wars and learned that treaties follow wars.
His paintings are rich in detail and colour and are much praised by the Spanish people. Treaties and the handing over of keys to cities follow
peace negotiations and peace is what is needed throughout the world.

With Russia invading Ukraine, we should find an answer;
to Bob Dylan's plaintive question, in the song, 'The Times They are a ' changing.'
When will we ever learn? When will we ever learn?
When indeed, are we destined to fight wars in every century? We need peace.
We need it now. So we can concentrate on saving our home planet Earth.

©🦊VixenOfVerse 2022🇺🇦

*In loving memory of FUSILIER TONY SIMMONS, 1RRF*


Diego Velázquez/The Prada In Madrid