NaPoWriMo📚 29/04/22 Day 29.



In certain versions of the classic fairytale Sleeping Beauty, various fairies or witches are invited to a princess’s christening, and bring her gifts. One fairy/witch, however, is not invited, and in revenge for the insult, lays a curse on the princess. Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem in which you muse on the gifts you received at birth — whether they are actual presents, like a teddy bear, or talents – like a good singing voice – or circumstances – like a kind older brother, as well as a “curse” you’ve lived with (your grandmother’s insistence on giving you a new and completely creepy porcelain doll for every birthday, a bad singing voice, etc.). I hope you find this to be an inspiring avenue for poetic and self-exploration. Happy Writing! – Maureen Thorson


Today’s prompt to write about what you were blessed/cursed with at birth is intriguing. ❤🙂❤ I have used free verse.


Blessings and Curses

If there were fairies when I was born
they blessed me with bright red hair.
I learned to talk by the time I was
nine months old. Sitting outside in
my pram chatting to anyone and
everyone who stopped by.

This included dogs and especially
cats.I must have been born loving
them. My curse at that time was
bad eyesight. I wore glasses from
the age of three but my mum taught
me to read at the same age.

This has led to my lifelong love
of books. My other fairy blessings
were my good speaking voice,
my love of music and dancing.
I also have a great love of drama
and acting.

I love reading and writing poetry
surely a fairy gift. The final curse
was my singing voice, which even karaoke cannot make pleasant.
My mum always claimed that I
was a good singer before they
invented tunes.

So I sing in the shower
or at home or sometimes on the
karaoke, just to test her theory.

She was right!

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2022


©Jessica Glover