The Daily Haiku🐞99th Weekly Theme, Free 2

#TheDailyHaiku #Afghanistan

Free the women of
Afghanistan from the burka
from arrest and beatings,

from enforced marriage
to the Taliban, enslaved
for a lifetime...

Increase in self-immolation
by young women.
Suicide by bleach.

These women prefer
death to being forced into
marriage with no choice...

Not long ago, they
were free to walk, to work in
their own clothes - now homebound.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2022
©Afghan Ladies completely covered by their burkas as ordered by the Taliban 2022/Pinterest

**With thanks to the documentary, “Afghanistan: No Place For Women” where Ramita Navai goes undercover to expose Taliban torture and atrocities which inspired this poem.**

This is the 21st Century and the women of Afghanistan are living in a nightmare of the Dark Ages. When the Taliban are interviewed they lie and say this sort of thing is not happening. Is lying OK in Islam? I feel sure it is not. It seems to me the Taliban are made from the same mould as Vladimir Putin! – Carolyn 🤮🤥😖