Just Saying😎 (3) US’s Abortion Ban

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A commentary on my life and what is going on in the world, written with passion and gratitude.

❤Well, today is one of the USA’s darkest days. 6 conservative Supreme Court judges have voted to ban abortion. This is a terrible decision which will put the right to choice back 150 years!

Each state will decide how they implement the law. I can hardly believe that it was 1973 when the USA decided to allow the right to choice for abortion.

This will sdversely effect the poor who won’t be able to travel to another state, be able to take time off work, due to low wages and bad working conditions.

I am very sad that a first world country is taking this backward step. Once again women will be treated unfairly. As this young activist in the photo below, says; my mind, my body, my freedom. Well I say all women should rise up and shout from the rooftops; our minds, our bodies, our freedom. ❤