Cherita 61💜


Tennis at Wimbledon.

Strawberries and cream.
Champagne at your picnic.

Traditional views, players in whites.
100th anniversary parade of champions.
Hawk-eye, one of the concession, to the digital age.

Henman Hill where fans watch on a big screen.
Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles and Wheelchair Tennis.
Champions come and go.

The umpires, the line judges and the ball boys and girls.
The media crews and match commentators.

All work together to make Wimbledon the great "grand slam" it is.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2022

❤❤I believe there is a reverse Cherita, but not sure if there is a double one like I’ve written here. If anyone who knows more about Cheritas than I do could tell me, I would be grateful. ❤❤

©Rafael Nadal/Wimbledon/Pinterest