Good Vibes 485🎵💜🦎💚🏊‍♀️💙🦊🧡⚡️💛🍄♥️🎵💜


Prayer for Her Majesty, 
Queen Elizabeth II

From the beautiful dawn colours of your birth,
To the glorious sunset that was your death,
I honour you.

For your unstinting service to your people
For all your duties executed with gentle wisdom
I honour you.

For your way of putting people at their ease,
For your bright smile and blue twinkling eyes.
I honour you.

For your love of your family, no matter what
For your forebearance, fortitude and sense of humour,
I honour you.

For your life, so well-lived in every sense of the word
For your uniting and bringing together of all your people,
I honour you.

It was an honour and a privilege to serve in your armed forces,
In taking leave of you Ma'am I am sure you are with your beloved husband.

Duty done, Ma'am
God bless and keep you.

God bless our Queen.
God save our King.

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