Just saying 😎(5) The Daily Haiku


A commentary on my life and what is going on in the world, written with passion and gratitude.

For those of you at TDH who have been members for a while or writing and reading haiku for some time a question:


I started writing haiku on TDH (The Daily Haiku) in April 2020 while I was busy writing NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) poem a day also in April. I had decided to start up a poetry blog on WordPress using all these poems.

I soon found haiku to be more than the formula 5/7/5 and have discovered the more I learn about haiku, the more there is to learn. It has reconnected me to both the natural world and the spiritual world which helped me cope with my mental health during the pandemic.

I now write haiku/senryu every day and love the daily, weekly, monthly and musical prompts. Sometimes I get a prompt and think, ” I can’t write anything about that!” However, I always do. Others have talked about it being a Zen process and I think for me too it is becoming that.

Through writing haiku I have become interested in all sorts of Short Form Poetry. I now write haiku, senryu, haiga, tanka, renga, cherita, cherita terbalik, shadorma, aquarian, tricube, landay, lantern and Wordy30.

I still write my blog and now have over a thousand followers. I have had poems published in three anthologies since April 2020:

1. The Sound of Brilliance –

The Short of It – Vol.1

2. Purrfect Poems

3. Poetic Vision

I am happy to say I have 8 poems appearing in The Short of It – Vol 2 which is edited by the talented and all round lovely lady, Susi Bocks in 2023.

The TDH Private Facebook Group is an outstanding example of what good social media should look like.

It is inviting, inclusive, warm, compassionate and place where new friends are made. It is a safe and supportive place where I have been able to write about subjects that I had never made public before. The warmth and caring these haiku were greeted with really surprised and delighted me as it was good to get them off my chest, I also received a lot of kind comments and helpful advice.

So my haiku journey continues and long may it do so. Amanda White had an idea and set up The Daily Haiku and spread all this love, light and positivity to over 13,000+ people, be they readers, writers or readers/writers and we are all grateful that she did!