🇺🇦1st Anniversary of the Russian War with Ukraine 24/2/23🇺🇦


The bravery of the people of Ukraine 
has astounded everyone in the West.
Their soldiers, men and women, are brave,
fearless and dedicated to saving their homeland.

They have gone up against Putin's Army
of young conscripts, mercenaries,
murderers and soldiers and unlucky generals.
Several of whom have been killed as they had to

get their hands dirty sorting mistakes out.
A year ago Putin's special operation
failed miserably, the Ukrainians fought hard.
They had to contend with the war crimes

committed at Mariupol and Bucha,as Russians
raped and killed civilians caught between
ever-moving front lines and the horrendous bombing.
Millions of Ukrainians fled as refugees.

Zelenski's daily appeals to the West
have resulted in the supply of superior
weaponry to the Ukrainians who have
learned how to use them very quickly.

The US, UK and EEU (Europe) have pledged
more arms, artillery, air-defence systems
training and possibly fighter jets as well as
more ammunition to assist the Ukrainians.

Putin still rants on about the use of nuclear weapons
and is now trying to get weaponry from China.
Losses of troops on both sides are numerous.
People grieve for their sons and daughters.

Zelenski is calling 2023 as the year
Ukraine wins the war, let us hope and pray so.
An end to war, destruction by artillery.
Let the West keep supporting Ukraine to this end.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2023

©President Volodymyr Zelenski