TOPIC – People & Animals

❤️If we live in a state of gratitude and count our blessings, we are more likely to attract positive not negative energy. Our topic is People & Animals, who do you want to thank for making your life better? So many of us, me included have pets, who bring us joy, let’s thank the Universe (God/Goddess) for bringing them into our lives.❤️.                           ©✍️CarolynCrossley

  • I am grateful to my mum and dad for bringing me up.
  • I am grateful for the standard of teaching in my schools when I was growing up.
  • I appreciate my mentors and workmates past and present.
  • I am grateful to friends, old and new, past and present for enriching my life.
  • I am thankful to the Universe for bringing my cats into my life.


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