Shadorma 94 👒 – Be Kind


Some days are 
better than others
when it comes
to chronic
pain; some are chronic, some not.
Life is hard that way.

Depends on
how much sleep I get
during the
night or day
and how my meds are working.
Lack of sleep is bad.

I have good
days and bad ones too.
Trouble is
I don't know
what sort of day it will be
until I can get up.

It can play
havoc when you try
to have a
social life.
Some people understand and
others say they do.

I have to
pace my life, nothing
two days on
the run or
I end up totally wrecked
This is hard to bear.

I don't do
morning appointments
because I
can't do them
not because I don't want to
or that I'm lazy.

I ask for
some understanding.
A little
Try and walk a week in my
shoes and please, be kind.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2023

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