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❤️This is one of Red Ceilings Press’ A6 books and has a limited number of copies available❤️


Steve Smythe
Steve Smythe is a master storyteller with an impeccable sense of comic timing. In this debut book, he covers three subjects, "Looking for Love," "Family Matters," and "World of Work."  

The 40-word stories are well crafted and laugh out loud funny. His characters are three-dimentional, quirky but instantly recognisable. I really enjoyed this debut book and would recommend it to anyone who wants to read good stories and have a good laugh or two.

✍️Carolyn Crossley
Steve Smythe

My debut book, Looking for Love, published by the red ceilings press, is now on sale.

The book of 40 forty word stories received this review from Dr Ian Seed, a university creative writing lecturer and acclaimed author and poet.

‘Stephen Smythe’s 40-word vignettes in Looking for Love paint a quirky, real, unexpectedly poignant picture of, among other things, online dating and its inevitable disappointments, intergenerational misunderstandings and their fallout, and the unfair world of zero-hours contracts and the struggle to get by. Smythe is a master storyteller with a perfect sense of comic timing.’

It’s A6 format so it’ll fit in your pocket to read on the bus. If you’d like a copy, inbox me or visit the publisher’s website.


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