TOPIC – The Basics of Life

❤️Let’s live a grateful life. If we count our blessings daily, we will be rewarded with more of the same. Today’s topic is The Basic Things.  How do we get good things to happen in our lives? By being grateful for what we’ve got but also by asking for what we want. We have to change all the negative things our egos tell us into positive things. We have to learn to love ourselves and believe that we deserve good things in our lives.❤️.   .                                                  ©✍️Carolyn Crossley                 

  • I am grateful for air to breathe.
  • I am grateful for clean cold water to drink and for it coming out of a tap.
  • I am thankful for hot water to shower and wash my clothes.
  • I am thankful for gas to heat my flat and keep me and the cats warm.
  • I am blessed with a good supply of electricity, for light, cooking, television, music and my computer.
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