⏳NaPoWriMo 🫖April 🌱2023🌺Day 6

#NaPoWriMo #April #2023

 Our daily resource is Poetry International, a wonderful source of contemporary poems in many different languages. Besides hosting so many poems online, Poetry International also puts on an annual poetry festival. This year’s will take place in Rotterdam in June.

Today’s (optional) prompt is again drawn from our archives, and builds off our daily resource. Take a look around Poetry International for a poem in a language you don’t know. For example, I grabbed this one in Finnish by Olli Heikkonen. Now, read the poem to yourself, thinking about the sound and shape of the words, and the degree to which they remind you of words in your own language. Use those correspondences as the basis for a new poem.

Happy writing!
❤️I took the poem 'Dooier' by Dutch poet, Marjolijn van Heemstra and found and then used the English sounding words to write my own poem.
N.B. I used 'niet' which means no in Russian to get part of my title.

Here are the words I found and used:
wat want, permanently, weekends,
begin, green mens', niet (Russian) steeds, warmte arms, een week, De arts.

When I read the poem in English it was nothing like the one I have written. I think that is a good thing🙂It was a very poignant poem, I shall read more of her poems.❤️
Russian Steeds

What do you want permanently in your life?
Long weekends to begin over a week of work?
A green man or woman as your husband or wife?
Russian steeds racing over the steppes.

Warm arms to rock away all your fears.
A week to write poetry or paint a picture.
The arts to be an enduring fixture, all your years.
You want love and light, not war and nuclear missiles.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2023
©”Satan”/Russia nuclear Missile/Reddit