⏳NaPoWriMo 🫖April 🌱2023🌺Day 11

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And finally, our (optional) prompt for the day. This prompt challenges you to play around with the idea of overheard language. First, take a look at Naomi Shihab Nye’s poem “One Boy Told Me.” It’s delightfully quirky, and reads as a list, more or less, of things that she’s heard the boy of the title – her son, perhaps? – say. Now,  write a poem that takes as its starting point something overheard that made you laugh, or something someone told you once that struck you as funny. Happy Writing!
❤️Happy Monday, all, and welcome back for the eleventh day of Na/GloPoWriMo.
A simple mistake inspired today's poem, although written rather than overheard, it sort of fits the prompt, many thanks, Maureen.❤️
What Day Is It?

Our host said, "Happy Monday!"
It made me think of the group Happy Mondays
I thought it was Tuesday the 11th
But no, she had given the greeting

Maybe, she is in a different time zone?
How old is she? It could be a senior moment
I have a lot of those, going into rooms, not knowing why.
Aha! They are emptying the bins

It is Tuesday, it must be, I know I'll ask Alexa.
Check on my phone, and ask Google.
Yes, they are all in agreement, it is Tuesday!
Thank goodness I thought I was losing the plot.

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