⏳NaPoWriMo 🫖April 🌱2023🌺Day 14

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Now for our (optional) daily prompt. Hopefully, this one will provide you with a bit of Friday fun. Today, I challenge you to write a parody or satire based on a famous poem. It can be long or short, rhymed or not. But take a favorite (or unfavorite) poem of the past, and see if you can’t re-write it on humorous, mocking, or sharp-witted lines. You can use your poem to make fun of the original (in the vein of a parody), or turn the form and manner of the original into a vehicle for making points about something else (more of a satire – though the dividing lines get rather confused and thin at times).

Happy writing!
❤️I don't like parodies, so I ended up writing a shadorma with why one shouldn't write one. So the theme has influenced me - sort of.❤️
INK STILL WET - A Shadorma Series.

I don't wish
to parody a
poem, someone's
hard work laughed
at, satire too has more than
a touch of the cruel.

I like to
write new poems not go
over old
ones with a
mockery not worthy of
me, leave the dead be.

Or they may
rise up and laugh at
our very
Edgar Allen Poe will tell
us all, where to go

Will Shakespeare
may well throw a fit!
Owen, Brooke,
Sasoon, and
McCrae will tell us war is
no laughing matter.

They would be
right, the Emilys,
and Bronte
would tell you love isn't a
funny joke either.

So here's a
toast to authentic
and brand new
ink still wet
poems, long may they prevail
and their poets too!

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2023