⏳NaPoWriMo 🫖April 🌱2023🌺Day 25

#NaPoWriMo #april #2023

Last but not least, here’s our (optional) prompt for the day. Begin by reading e e cummings’ poem [somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond]. This is a pretty classic love poem, so well-known that it has spawned at least one silly meme. Today’s prompt challenges you to also write a love poem, one that names at least one flower, contains one parenthetical statement, and in which at least some lines break in unusual places.

Happy writing!
❤️❤️Another day, another poem, not long to go now. I love writing love poems, usually to my cats but this is to a man, lol ❤️❤️

love swept me away like a huge wave.
you kept me balanced on your white crest.
A drop of trembling pure water,
in your true blue ocean of love,
we danced,
in and out of your foamy white water.
up and upwards riding your blue green waves.
we laughed,
and loved and let our passion take us to distant shores
and back again, to share Marram grass covered dunes
with bellflowers, ( Campanula Lingulate,) sea thrift, (America Maritima,)
and sea holly (Eryngium Maritimum,) their splashes of colour everywhere.
We felt the sea breezes kiss our faces and
tasted sea salt on our lips, earthy seaweed bound
our feet one to another as two melded into one
Seed planted, nourished and full grown served
as a beloved reminder, when only the sea holly
remained to tell our tale.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2023