TOPIC – Love

❤️Let’s live a grateful life. If we count our blessings daily, we will be rewarded with more of the same. Today’s topic is Love. We are surrounded by Love, if we could but see it. We are all following our individual journeys through life. Life has a purpose. Something that we agreed to before we are born. Your life purpose will be revealed to you when you are ready meanwhile you can continue appreciating and being grateful for the love in your daily life. Seek it and you will find it. Don’t forget to love yourself, perhaps the hardest love of all but self love is essential to good mental and physical health. ❤️.


  • I am blessed by the Divine love in my life, it is truly unconditional.
  • I am blessed with the love I share with my lovely cat companions.
  • I am grateful for the love of my family and my family of friends.
  • I am thankful for the love I share with mankind knowing that each and everyone of us is connected to one another.
  • I am grateful to finally accept and love myself with all my imperfections.