Free Verse ✍️📚(20) – Where did it go?


Where is 
the love?
That was
mine, all
mine, where
did it go?
It didn't
fizzle out
and die.
maybe it
would have
been better
if it had.
No, I was
the one
who said
to stop
seeing me.
I let you
go, pushed
you even.
Now I want
to feel your
warm breath
on my neck
feel your arms
around me
your head
bent to mine
as we kissed
with a passion
that was deep
and needy.
Now you are
in my heart
with all the
dead people.
Yet you are
alive and
"loving the
one you're
with," instead
of taking
courage with
both hands
to be with
me before
it is too late.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2023