Free Verse ✍️📚(21) – PAIN


Pain is a strange
bed-fellow, it comes
to stay, for weeks on
end. It throbs or sends
stabbing sensations
up and down your
limbs. Then there is
the slow burn that
persists when the
throbbing and stabbing
pain stops. Pain in the
head makes your
head feel so heavy,
you can hardly lift it
from your pillow. Pain
In your neck and
shoulders radiates
down your spine
making you writhe
on your bed. Pain is
much misunderstood.
When your pain is
chronic, you end up
addicted to strong
painkillers. They bring
you side effects of
their own. Over the
years you learn tips
and tricks to help
relieve it. Meditation
can help. For me this
helps, writing about
It. Heat or ice packs
can help. Sleep helps
if you can sleep despite
the pain. I lose whole
days to pain. Days when
I sleep on and off. Days
when I wear compression
gloves and woolly socks
to keep my hands and feet
warm. For me warmth
helps my pain. Listening
to music helps. Watching
TV helps. Reading a good
book helps. Taking Tumeric
with black pepper and
ginger helps. Nothing cures
the pain. It is my constant
companion and after years
of fighting it, I acknowledge
and accept it. I live with it.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2023