TOPIC – Negativity

❤️Let’s appreciate what we have in life. Let’s live in gratitude. Today’s topic is Negativity. A healthy life needs to stop our ego’s incessant negative chatter.  The ego thrives on negativity. It feeds on it. It also attracts more negativity into your life. Only you can break this cycle. You do this, by living in gratitude. Open your heart up to gratitude. Turn negatives into positives! ❤️

  • I appreciate that I control my ego and can change negative thoughts to positive ones.
  • I am grateful for problems in my life because I see them as challenges.
  • I am thankful to live my life in the here and now.
  • I am blessed with caring for my cats which brings me untold joy.
  • I am grateful to leave everything that no long er serves me in the past.

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