Just saying 😎(6) Gary Lineker

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I have to join in the furore regarding the BBC Sports presenter, Gary Lineker who has been suspended for remarks he made in his personal account on Twitter.

I believe in free speech, he was expressing his opinion on government policy on immigration and compared it with 1930s Nazi Germany. For those people that thought he was talking about the Holocaust (The Home Secretary – Suella Braverman) they don’t know their history.

In 1930’s Nazi Germany was the beginning of the dehumanising of the Jewish people. The Holocaust occurred during the early to mid 1940’s after the start of WW2. I believe Gary was drawing similarities to how the British Government with their new small boats immigrants policy is also trying to dehumanize these poor people.

If there are no legal ways of immigration then that is why these vulnerable people risk their lives to get here. The Ruwanda deal has failed miserably and continues to cost the taxpayers’ millions.

Gary Lineker made no mention of his programme, Match of the Day, therefore if the BBC are impartial, how come they have caved in to the government’s pressure to Gary’s comments?

I am pleased that some of Gary’s colleagues have come out in support of him. I support him and of course I support Free Speech!

©Carolyn Crossley, 2023