NaPoWriMo – Day 3

Virtual Shopping With My Neighbour

I get a message, my Latvian neighbour is in Aldi.

Do I need any shopping? Well with the lockdown, yes.

I send him my list, it’s not very long.

I know it will only take a few minutes before,

he sends me a picture, they have different makes.

I’ll have the orange one, it’s Ovaltine,

it will help me sleep as much as Horlicks!

Which is not very much, but hey! I have to try.

Next it’s figs, I buy them in a long narrow box.

Pēteris shows me a photo of what looks like a large bag.

They will do, he wants to go look for some others,

but I don’t like to complicate things.

He is a life-saver, doing my shopping,

while I isolate. Such kindness is rare.

His wife, Ilse was the first one to offer me help.

I was touched and very thankful.

Now Ilse is making the circuit boards,

for the new mobile ventilators, in an Oldham factory.

Funny how life links up like it does.

When they moved in at first, someone slashed

the tyres on one of their cars, jealous I suppose,

that they could afford two. I thought,

they needed to know that they were welcome here.

I bought presents for their son at Christmas,

Birthdays and Easter. Now I am repaid in shopping!

Let’s hope when this is all over,

we will all re-evaluate our beliefs and our prejudices;

to allow a brave new world to emerge.

One where we realise who and what are important.

A world where people look after the planet.

Where they look after each other. Where they realise

we have more similarities than differences.

What a wonderful new place this world could be.

© Carolyn Crossley – The Vixen of Verse. 2020.

That looks like a lot of figs! 🤣