NaPoWriMo – Day 14

The Size of a House

Our worlds have shrunk to the size of a house,

or upstairs flat with or without a garden.

We Creatives find things to do online.


We write more stories, we create more poems.

Attend virtual workshops on subjects unknown.

Listen to artists play and sing, pretend

we are there having a drink, sharing what?

Friendship, which is more important than ever.

We are an island but neither man nor woman are.

Things need to change from the way they were before;

in that dog eat dog life we lived previously.


We need Mother Nature, to help us stay focused

on the real and imagined news that abounds

to distract, frighten us and send us insane.


Houses have been bottomed, cleaned to within

an inch of their lives. Cars clean and waxed,

stand pristine on drives. Gardens full of

green shoots, bulbs and rainbow coloured

flowers mirror the pictures of rainbows in windows.


Cooking from fresh and frozen has made

a renaissance appearance as time lies heavy

on idle hands. Neighbours and friends rally round

the old and the vulnerable, keeping them

stocked up with groceries and toiletries.


Dogs are walked as part of their owners’

permitted exercise. Medicines are delivered

by men in masks. We live in fear and trepidation.


Still the stupid morons, hold house parties

and BBQs with 25 people or more. Spitting

at NHS workers and Police alike, kicking, biting

like things demented. You cannot legislate

for stupidity. The rest of us are obeying the new rules.


Every Thursday at 8 pm we go to our windows

and balconies, come outside our houses to clap

and cheer, the thin blue line, NHS workers.

They are our soldiers on the frontline of a war

against an enemy unseen. A deadly virus,

Covid-19 creating a pandemic across the world.


They die on the frontline, as the death rate rises.

In hospitals, care homes and in their own homes;

people are dying, very soon everyone will know

someone who has died. It makes it personal.

It brings it home to a world which has shrunk to

the size of your house, flat and garden.

©Carolyn Crossley -The Vixen of Verse, 2020.

Photo by Carlos Machado from Pexels