NaPoWriMo – Day 16


As the wheel of the year is turned

from Spring Equinox and Eostre to Beltane,

our fears and worries by Gaia are spurned,

as she bids us light the fires for Beltane!

Tomorrow we will hold our ribbons and dance

around the Maypole in all our fine, fancy clothes.

Tonight, we make merry, drink and prance

like wild horses! Jake will jump the broom with Rose.

They will stay together for a year and a day.

As Beltane tradition demands, Rose is giddy with love,

while Jake names her his Queen of the May.

His rich baritone, sings to her, his pretty turtle dove.

In the darkness, jealousy stalks her unsuspecting prey.

The Merry Maeve had her heart set on being Queen.

Her spiteful name-calling, the wicked words used to pray

for her rival’s demise, went heard and seen.

Above in the place where Gods and Goddesses stay.

As the couple went off to share a night of passion,

evil spirits danced the poison into the wine.

The lovers in satisfied embrace slept after a fashion.

Jake awoke, Rose was dead, he stole a kiss, a fateful sign.

“No, no!” cried her rival Malevolent Maeve,

at what Jake had done, Rose with poison on her lips;

had passed the poison onto Jake, if Maeve were to save

him, she must give him the antidote in tiny drips.

Alas, she was too late and Jake perished along with Rose.

They will be in the Summerlands for eternity.

Maeve was named as the murderer as the sun rose

and sentenced to life in prison a fate without pity.

There incarcerated, she drove herself quite mad.

Torturing herself with images of the doomed lovers.

So, a lesson to learn if your fate is not to be as bad.

With poison and your sister’s man do not bother!

©Carolyn Crossley – The Vixen of Verse, 2020

A Beltane Betrayal