NaPoWriMo – Day 17


The bright sun dappled light on the trickling stream.

As it meanders its idle way down the valley.

The houses in their colours, grey, brown and cream.

Appear washed clean, green plants grow in the alley.

Rainbow hued buds bursting into life; sunbeams,

Dance on red-tile roofs: a few people rally,

Take their dogs for a walk, in a trance-like dream.

They distance themselves socially, even old Sally.

And her friend Doris who meet on the village green.

Two metres apart, speech inhibited, they don’t dally.

Looking up at the unpolluted sky, it seems to gleam.

Siren screams its urgency, no time to dilly-dally!

The friends part, returning to lockdown, a quiet subdued

Covid-19’s rising death toll, increases like a surreal feud.

©Carolyn Crossley – The Vixen of Verse, 2020.

A Quiet Subdued.