Special Poems for Special People. Home for Nadeem with love

Sun filters ( For Nadeem with love).

Sun filtering through the trees,

on the border of a foreign land.

Lockdown, a time doing as we please,

lost in limbo, without a wedding band.

Wishing and wanting to go home,

waiting for a plane to be sent.

Missing your cats, talking to them on the phone,

using your Facebook account to vent.

You are on the border of India and Pakistan,

you came here with high hope.

I am glad to see you are not a broken man,

with strength and fortitude you cope.

Hopefully, you will soon be home,

back in Manchester, the rainy city, you long to see

We self-isolate, social distance and stay home,

but the rainy city is home and where you want to be.

©The Vixen of Verse, 2020

©Nadeem Zafir, Border between India & Pakistan