GUEST POETS – Seamus Kelly

©Seamus Kelly

Maggie & Seamus Kelly

8th May is always remembered as VE Day, for me it will always be my Dad’s birthday.

This is his 7th birthday since we lost him and at the time I wrote the following which I haven’t posted before – I called it;


Flying to the most beautiful place in the world
a land I can’t see through the tears in my eyes.
An extraordinary land.
A land of extraordinary men,
men like my dad

Who despite, and because of, crushing poverty
set out to make a new life,
sending wages back home.
Men with a social conscience,
men with a sense of right and fairness,
men like my dad

Steadfast and honest men.
Men who lived by their beliefs.
Men who said what they meant.
Men with limited education and limitless ability.
Men who got the job done.
Men like my dad.

Men who made a better world
or made the world a better place.
Men who built or grew or made,
supported and taught
and led by example.
Men who knew the meaning of love.
Extraordinary men.

LAnd I’ll fly from the most beautiful place on earth
Blinded by tears of goodbye
Because today we lost our extraordinary dad,
our extraordinary grandad, brother, uncle, friend.
And the world lost an extraordinary man,
a man who never stopped loving
and we will always remember.
We will always love.

©Seamus Kelly