May Poems, No 2 2020.


More and more we feel too weird for this world. Locked in self-isolation, begins to take effect.

We can fill our time with all things techie. Zooming from meeting to meeting. Writing, creating, painting and drawing.

Learning to play the guitar or ukulele or even a saxophone.

Exercising, so we won’t seize up. Brain rationalising,

but heart cries out for hugs!

Skin touching skin, kisses, affection , yes, and kindness and love.

Some of us are used to being islands,

that is how our life is lived, alone but not lonely.

Dogs or cats supplant humans in our affections.

We stroke our cats, they purr, they headbutt us,

gently, loving us, thanking us in their own way;

for their food and shelter, that we provide.

We meditate, seeking answers to questions,

mankind has been asking forever. We seek answers

in the world, but they lie inside of us.

We need to listen to that silence within.

Commune with nature, in clouds, in trees,

in green fields full of wild flowers. Listening to the birdsong, that we heard so clearly in the absence of human noise.

©The Vixen of Verse, 2020

Photo by Ronald Z from Pexels