May Poems 2020


Disabling illness still likes to

pull a punch now and again.

Showing me in no uncertain

terms that I am slowly losing

the power to do certain things.

In attempting to do something

I really know I can’t do,

I cause plants to fall on the floor;

Pots to smash, creating a double

whammy. I have had to accept

my limitations for years.

Still, sometimes I try anyway.

End up in tears of frustration.

I can feel the edge, sharp against

my back. The edge of depression,

it is so hard to resist sometimes.

Then I take a few deep breaths,

give myself a good shake.

Remember, that I had decided

when I can’t do something, I

will just pay someone else to

do it for me. I am smiling again.

©The Vixen of Verse, 2020