The Daily Haiku – 4th Weekly Theme, Celebrations.

Celebration – Spanish Style

We mount up and ride

through the village, dressed as

camperos – gypsies.


Women in gypsy

dresses, men with sombreros.

They ride one-handed


They guided the horse on

the rein; riding long in the

iron stirrups, no crops.


Not needed, the horses

are well-trained; they know where

they are going to.


They arrive at a

field with marquis, water for

horses, food for us.


We eat paella,

drink wine and sangria,

ride home in twilight.


©The Vixen of Verse, 2020.

*campero/a = peasant horseman/woman

**sombrero =a Spanish style hat.

©Carolyn Crossley – Me as campera riding Paloma.
©Carolyn Crossley – Los trés amigos – Me, Rick and Terry in the middle.