June Poems No. 2 2020

Parallel Universe

My dimension, my universe is very small.

It extends no further than my flat and garden.

I feel safe here, free from the coronavirus.

It is still out there and I am still in here, at home.


I do not want my dimension to interact yet.

I want to stay neat and confined, living online,

but I cannot expect my lovely neighbours to shop

for me indefinitely. Soon I will have to shop for myself.


I will have to venture out into the parallel dimension.

Where idiots roam, oblivious to social distance and face masks.

New normal rules to learn, new things to get used to.

I feel the fear of the unknown rising like poison.


Do we all live in our own universe, separate and alone?

Just communicating when we feel the need not to be alone.

Or do we all live in the same universe, interconnected?

Each and everyone of us affecting the other for good or bad?


Has China in it’s greed and evil intent released this virus,

to create a pandemic so they can be the richest, most powerful in the world?

What can one individual do to change how things are?

Except to accept responsibility for their own thoughts and actions and to be kind!

© The Vixen of Verse, 2020.

Parallel Dimension ©www.pixabay.com