June Poems No. 3 2020.


All life matters, but black lives have had a raw deal for a long time.

What happened to George Floyd was wrong. No policeman or woman has the right to murder any suspect whatever their colour.

Racism is endemic in American police forces. Here in this country too. Is this the time to rise up and stamp it out, hell yes!

Long overdue, I think, what I question are the methods employed during a pandemic.

The coronavirus kills a higher percentage of black people than either Asian and White people.

So why risk your life further by being part of a group of enormous proportions in Manchester & London?

No social distancing, some wore masks, but not many and some of them took children with them. Now it is one thing risking your own life, but to risk your children’s lives?

Then the lives of your wider community? Why not protest online?

Then I remember a time in my life when I was young.

Passionate about an issue and I weighed up the pros and cons and did it anyway.

I was in the British Army, in Northern Ireland, a Greenfinch, non-combatant, so I relied on the men in my patrol to keep me safe and they did because here I am. However, 4 Greenfinches were murdered by the IRA despite them promising they would not kill us.

I lived through a very bloody piece of history where lots of people were killed on both sides and in the armed forces too. In the end, they all had to sit around a table and talk and come to an agreement.

Now within the BLM there are protestors who deface war memorials. Has a rent-a-mob element already infiltrated the BLM movement?

Those brave men and women remembered on those memorials made the ultimate sacrifice so that all people irrespective of race or colour could have the freedom to protest peacefully.  Why would they do it?

In America they use violence and looting, here they burn their own flag and deface war memorials.

Veterans are not the far right we number approx 4 million and will stand with you.

What is going on in the North West? The R number passed 1 over the weekend, now it is supposedly back to 0.9. Are we heading for regional lockdown? Are we going to get a second wave of Covid-19 in a couple of weeks time?

Will I have plucked up the courage to go shopping only to be in lockdown again? I have been in lockdown for 12 weeks now. I worry about going out. I have underlying health problems.

I am a white disabled British poet and veteran. I will stand with you but please don’t let history repeat itself learn from the mistakes of the past. Find new ways to change society come together with your white supporters. Let’s all join together and find solutions for an end to inequality and racism. Please stop defacing war memorials!

Black lives matter, disabled people’s lives matter, veterans’ lives matter and civilian lives matter.

©The Vixen of Verse, 2020.

All lives matter – http://annashvets.com/?ref=pexels