July Poems Series No 3


I look into your eyes old man
and see your mind is far away.
Did everything in life go to plan?
Or did your plans like old linen fray?

Unravel, go wrong as plans often do.
Did you have one true love?
Did she die of Covid-19 flu?
Is she now with the Angels above?

You see me watching; turn your head.
Where are your grandchildren?
I want to ask you of the books you've read.
Maybe you write, taken up the pen?

I think you write haiku like me.
Try and fit so much into 17 syllables.
Do you sit at your desk, what do you see?
Composing haiku about  death and skulls.

If I could get inside your old man head,
I would see your whole life there.
I would feel how much your heart had bled,
for your one true love, nothing spare.

You turn back your eyes meet mine,
"Get out of my bloody head!" you demand,
silently and I blush, "No time to explain," He is gone, with a wave of his hand!

©The Vixen of Verse, 2020 🦊❤