July Poems No.6

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 Russian Babushka Doll

She resembles the Russian Babushka Doll,
open her up and you will find another doll inside.
Until she makes up five dolls in all.
Child, maiden, mother, crone and return to the child.

She always keeps her child within,
treats her with love and compassion.
She always did her best in all her endeavours.
But even then it was not always enough.

As the maiden, she believed she knew everything
and learned to her cost, she knew nothing.
She learned to listen to advice, to weigh up
the pros and cons before taking

As the mother, she learned from her own mother.
She wanted to be the best mother she could be.
Circumstances meant it was really hard for her.
Her son died at 22, she never got over it.

As the crone, she wanted to share her knowledge,
with those much younger than herself.
However, she learned that each person must walk
their own path, make their own mistakes.

The final Babushka doll is the return to the child.
Unfortunately, lots of people return to their child state,
through Dementia, when they die a little every day.
Until they eventually do die - return to the Summerlands.

©The Vixen of Verse, 2020