August Poem No 4

Save a Life

If I fall down the ravine of life
with the black dog on my shoulder.

Who will rescue me? Who will pull me free?

If I need a helping hand, a kind word, a smile.

Who will help me?
Who will be kind to me?

If the cares of this world get too much to bear.

Who will listen to me?
Who will give me a little of their time?

Will it be you? Have you time in your busy life?

A smile, a wave, a kind word are all I will ask of you.

Will you step up to the plate? Do you have compassion in your heart?

I have picked others up all my life because I'm made that way.

Life is so unconnected now and community is something only us older ones recall.

So please don't walk about glued to your mobile or lost in the music.

But if you are, smile, wave, say hi, You just might save a life.

©The Vixen of Verse🦊, 2020.

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels