August Poems No 7

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As ebony black as two in the morning,

he is a frequent visitor to Crossley Towers.

His name is Sooty and he really likes joining,

my two cats, Rio and Molly, in playing for hours.


He steals his morning kibble snack;

has a drawer for sleep, in the spare bedroom.

His coat is black and glossy, all across his back.

Vocal with me when I'm hosting on Zoom!


Unfortunately he is still entire

Rewards me by spraying my blinds.

A Cats Protection voucher, fight fire with fire!

His owners don't see it as cruelty, it takes all kinds.

I scrub and scrub with Wee-away,

It helps, but still, I smell that Tomcat's pee,

When my cats are out, I spray

with something that breaks up molecules, odour free!


I am very fond of Sooty, my lovely visiting black cat,

but to owners, I send out a heartfelt plea.

Neuter your kittens and stop them acting like a brat.

Or like me, you will spend your days cleaning up cat wee!

©The Vixen of Verse🧡🦊, 2020.
Sooty the Visiting Cat ©Carolyn Crossley


I entered 3 poems into Stafford Cats Protection Competion in June. 2 of my poems will appear in their anthology called Purrfect Poems, one about Rio called ‘My Old Lad’ and one about Miss Molly called ‘Pawprints’ the book will be launched on Zoom at the end of October.

All Profits will go to Cats Protection, which is a charity I think all cat-lovers should support, I do.

Obviously the 2 chosen poems I can’t reproduce here but I can publish this one. Enjoy! ©Carolyn Crossley

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