September Poems – No 2 –

Indian Summer

We are having an Indian Summer, we are told.

I thought it meant Indian as in from India during the Raj.

But no, it is a Native American phrase, formerly known as Indians.

It means an unusually warm period between September and November.

When the heat causes mist and that's when the Native Americans hunted.

In the early mornings and early evenings, when the mist deadened sound.

Shall these warm few days provoke a mass exodus to the seaside?

Or will people in the North West, wear masks whenever they step out of the door?

Will they stay at home, only use public transport on essential journeys?

Or will house parties and illegal raves be the order of the day?

This Vixen will be in her lair, with her cats - what about you?

©The Vixen of Verse🦊, 2020.

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