Shadorma 6/Aspergers

#shadorma #Aspergers #Autism


No-one is
diagnosed with it
anymore, on
the Spectrum
of Autism is correct
way of reference.

Still they have
Aspbergers without
doubt, it is
because the
good doctor who it is named
after, was - Nazi.

So they say
but whatever you
call it, this
syndrome turns
people into black and white
thinkers, strange but true.

They view the
world differently.
They do not
think or feel
as we do, their brains behave
in different ways.

We can't all
be the same, how dull
that would be,
I try hard
to understand, because I
want to get on with;

You two, son
and grandson, I love
both of you.
I want to
be in touch with you, talk with
you, life is too short.

©The Vixen🦊of🦊Verse, 2020.
©Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi from Pexels


    1. Than you Kate. With my grandson I already have. He came back into my life after an absence of five years. I live in hope with my son. I have become a much more positive person as I’ve become older. I try to see the innate goodness in everyone and my new motto in view of the Pandemic is “This too shall pass.” I keep reaching out to my son, as the parent that is all I can do, I send him emails. So far he has not answered them, but again, hope keeps me going.
      Carolyn ❤👩‍🦰🧡🦊❤

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