Crone’s Corner No 4


Tier 3 Lockdown for Greater Manchester.

Today, we are in Tier 3 Lockdown because of the spread of Covid-19. It is in our homes, schools, factories, shops and supermarkets. All pubs have to close unless they serve substantial meals. Businesses are on the brink.

However, I think we should make it mandatory to wear a mask as soon as we step out of our houses. I was speaking to my veteran friend in Canada and that’s what they have to do. People are just not complying with the rules.

There are conspiracy theorists all over Facebook saying the pandemic is a “plan-demic” please wake up and smell the coffee. This is real and it is happening in Greater Manchester. I have had 2 good friends who have had Covid-19 and recovered, 2 of my friends have it and one of their husbands too. My good friend and neighbour’s sister died from it. This is real people. Stay home if you can. Wear a mask as soon as you step outside. Change your mask after 4 hours and dispose.of it in a sealed bag (sandwich bags are good for this. If you have a cloth mask, change the filter every four hours. Wash your cloth mask every day if you have worn it. Treat it like underwear!

Boost your immune system with Vitamin C and echinacea supplements. Eat a good, well-balanced diet. If you have comorbidities, get them checked out at your medical centre.

Look after yourself and look out for neighbours and friends, especially the old. Keep in touch online, by telephone or by post!

Remember your mental health, go out for exercise, meditate, pray to what ever faith you follow. Write a gratitude journal where you can count your blessings. It is a good, positive thing to do.

Finally, this too will pass. Good, bad, or indifferent, things run their course, then they change.

©Aja Trier