Shadorma 23 – January 2021 Lockdown


After all
that Christmas mixing
the stats are
getting worse
hospitals crowded - staff at
breaking point- what next?

We sit in
our homes in lockdown,
waiting for
the call to
be vaccinated - fearing
it might come too late.

We have our
food delivered; spend
hours online,
for kids who are mentally
fearful, playing up.

rates are up, fear has
taken us
over; we
try to stay in touch on Zoom,
our face-to-face time.

We listen
to news, then we don't,
too much doom
and gloom, then
we watch again in case we
miss something that's new.

We were told
it could last until
the middle
of next month,
now it could be March before,
we go back in tiers.

Meanwhile we
live isolated
apart from
our loved ones;
we turn to walks in nature
it might keep us sane.

Those that do,
pray that it ends soon.
Those that don't
despair of
it ever ending, but this
too will pass, you'll see.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021


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