Free Verse



Covid-19 has changed our world forever.
From the current problems of dealing
with a virus that keeps mutating, to
the roll-out of the vaccination programme.

Vaccine apartheid between rich and poor countries. We must all be vaccinated before
we can open the world up again and travel
around but not as we used to, not now.

We have to consider our carbon footprints
and not be travelling all over the world.
Climate change is real, huge ice shelves
have fallen into the sea, and sea-levels rise.

Catastrophic weather is the news constant.
Bush fires in Australia, snowfall where it has never fallen before, floods, landslides, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunami warning.

The impending mental-health crisis looms large with medical staff heading for PTSD.
The rest of us predicted to suffer from anxiety or depression while suicide rates rise.

The humongous amount of money tax-payers
will have to pay back is enough to drive us
to drink or drugs or both and still, the powers that be will only fund a 1% pay rise for NHS.

This despite all the praise for our front line. The fact that they have gone above and far beyond for their patients. This government can only find a 1% pay rise to thank them.

Our world has changed and exposed the huge widening gap between rich and poor. This year we have children who do not have
enough to eat and food banks are the norms.

So in all the madness of constant change,
what are we to do? Go out into nature, stare
at the ever-changing clouds, feel the ground beneath your feet. Smell the air, breathe it in.

See the miracle of Spring about to burst forth, with trees and plants abundant in
leaves and buds. Mother Nature is ancient.
Has seen it all before and still, she flourishes.

Remember we are all connected to the Divine Source. We should work together to bring peace back to our troubled and divided Earth.
The answers to our questions lie within. 

Be kind to others and be kind to yourself,
for we are all beloved of the Universe.
Meditate, live in a state of gratitude, live with intention, stifle the ego, peace will arise.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.
White Dove Flying from Flickr.