NaPoWriMo April 2021 – 30 Poems In 30 days.


01/04/2021 – DAY 1


Night Time - Rhymed Quatrain in 5 Stanzas.

The night draws in, its colour a navy blue in the moonlight. Foxes scream, owls hoot, somewhere distant a siren wails.
In darkened houses, people sleep or watch TV to pass the night.
Insomnia stalks in houses with lighted windows, sleep fails.

An old lady goes to bed dressed; her heating turned off.
A child screams in the middle of a nightmare; is offered hot milk.
A young man wonders if he should have a Covid test as he wakes up with a cough.
A wife waits for her husband in vain,Β her lingerie made of silk.

The nurse on the Covid front line gets home late from her shift.
The policeman, a year from retirement kisses his wife before bed. Bored teens who live in high-rise flats have broken the lift.
A young homeless man lies in an empty shop doorway, shot in the head.

Police and ambulance crews arrive at the bloody crime scene.
Police tape surrounds the area, a garish bright yellow.
Forensics arrive in protective suits with a tent and white screen.
The small crowd gather declaring "He was a polite young fellow."

Two detectives arrived, and began suiting up.
One of the forensics team handed a photo to the female detective.
"Look at this Gov," she showed it to her boss sipping coffee from a cup.
"Looks old enough to be his mum" he replied his voice reflective.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.


Crime Scene on P. Interest


**No prompt used today just went for a form poem – 5 stanza quatrain rhymed A/C, B/D.**