NaPoWriMo April 2021 – 30 Poems In 30 days.


12/04/2021 – DAY 12


Damaged by Fire

Damaged by fire
the Alpha Centurian
steered his craft towards Earth.

steered his craft towards Earth.
A strange planet he had not
visited before.

visited before
he recalled his father's tales,
of his visit there.

of his visit there,
he barely escaped with his
life, or so he said.

life, or so he said,
was primitive on this Earth
humans were so strange.

humans were so strange,
they had little logic but
too much emotion.

too much emotion;
well here comes the crash landing,
no choice but to land.

no choice but to land,
that was Alpha Centuri logic - no emotion.

logic - no emotion,
Dariant left his craft
and stepped out on Earth.

and stepped out on Earth,
he adjusted his breathing.
and looked around him.

and looked around him,
he found he had landed
in a dip in the hills.

in a dip in the hills,
in quiet countryside was

he was shocked to hear human
voices, loud and clear.

voices, loud and clear,
asked him,"Do you need some help?"
"Yes," he replied.

"Yes," he replied,
"What's the trouble, crashed have you?"
"Something like that."

"Something like that,"
Darient was unsure if
they could help him.

they could help him,
Mervin was a mechanic,
whatever that was.

whatever that was,
they assured him Merv would help
and get him airborne.

and get him airborne,
Merv had to replace parts that
steered his craft for Earth.

steered his craft for Earth,
he returns home, despite being,
damaged by fire.

©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.




**I wrote to the prompt today and chose the Anserine form. We had to pick two words/phrases from the Classical Dictionary and a Historical Sci-fi dictionary. The phrases I chose were:

  • Damaged by Fire
  • The Alpha Centurian