NaPoWriMo April 2021 – 30 Poems In 30 days.


15/04/2021 – Day 15


An Old Fashioned Cinquain where each stanza has five lines (unrhymed).

I Have Become My Mother

Rousing Irish songs coming from the record player.
My English Mum singing along; she was word perfect.
"How do you know all the words, Mum?" I asked her.
"I learned that at my mother's knee and other low joints."
The double entendre was lost on my child's understanding.

Years later I found myself laughing at the saying.
Even as I repeated it, I thought it clever and funny.
Mum had a saying for every situation, lost love?
"Plenty more fish in the sea." She would say.
People calling you names illicited
"sticks and stones"

"May break my bones but names will never hurt me."
It was the mantra of childhood, like a magick spell.
Then as a mother myself, I repeated them verbatim.
Later as a grandmother, I found myself,
Repeating them to a new generation; I had become my mother.

ยฉ๐ŸฆŠVixenOfVerse, 2021.


Mother & Two Daughters ยฉFineArtAmerica


And now for our prompt (optional, as always). Todayโ€™s prompt comes to us from Juan Martinez. It asks you to think about a small habit you picked up from one of your parents, and then to write a piece that explores an early memory of your parent engaged in that habit, before shifting into writing about yourself engaging in the same habit.

You can see the original prompt (in quasi-cartoon form), along with a few other of Martinezโ€™s prompts, here.

Happy writing!

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